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We are the creators and owners of advanced wellness products and services, with a special ability to drive large volumes of high converting traffic for ourselves and for third parties.

Kendago operates under 2 distinct divisions:

A boutique performance-based
digital marketing agency
A vendor that owns and
markets digital products and services
Kendago takes advantage of its in-house expertise to build and market sate-of-the-art software and applications for true global reach.
The Future of Digital Health
Thanks to technology like their state of the art Menu Planner software, we utilize millions of customer touch points to provide people with access to fully customizable wellness plans.
Introducing Trim Down Club, the future of dieting!

Since our foundation, we’ve been on an amazing journey and experienced exponential growth quarter after quarter, thanks in part to:

By leveraging the above strengths and applying data-proven strategies, we’re driving over 100,000,000 visitors to our sites annually. As we continue to expand our business and reach, we are certain that this number will only continue to grow.

Our Success

At Kendago, we pride ourselves on building quality products and on both meeting and exceeding ever-increasing conversion goals.

On a product level, our flagship program, the Trim Down Club, has achieved tremendous success, helping more than 2 million customers in countries around the world lose weight and live healthier lives.

For us, the success is twofold: the pride in building a high quality and prosperous product, and the having the honor to make the world a better place, one customer at a time.


As leading digital advertisers for more than 10 years, Kendago channels its strengths to bring high conversions across many advertising networks

Kendago channels its strengths to bring
across many advertising channels


Kendago is all about trust, commitment, and loving what you do.

Each and every one of our team members plays a crucial role in helping us reach and exceed our goals, and with a close-knit working relationship, we get the job done and have fun while we do it.


Management Team

We are a dynamic team of digital marketers, software and web developers, graphic designers and product specialists with a passion for success!

Rafi Magen


Roei Ben-Bassat

VP Google

Amir Cohen


Eyal Cohen

VP Facebook and Automation

Hadas Pravda

VP Products and Analysis

Iska Hadad


Uri Shasha

Head of development

Adam Feldman

VP Business Development


With market landscapes rapidly changing, we are always on the lookout for ambitious professionals to help us take our business to new heights in our Tel Aviv offices.