Established in 2011, Kendago is a top digital marketing powerhouse that turns Direct-to-Consumer brands into global leaders. We do this by leveraging a full range of direct response capabilities, including technology backed campaign management and creative testing, productions and content creation, marketing and conversion rate optimization, additional brand and offer building, expertise in compliance and close ties with the ad networks.

In a dynamic and ever-changing digital landscape, Kendago continues to be recognized as one of the best. Today, we are a strategic partner for some of the largest premium DTC brands in the world.

As veterans of D2C digital advertising, being good is worthless - you must be excellent in everything, and maintain the highest level all the time. That's what Kendago is all about.

Kendago's Senior Management

  • Amir Cohen
    Amir Cohen Co-Founder
  • Roei Ben-Bassat
    Roei Ben-Bassat Co-Founder
  • Izhar Shay
    Izhar Shay Head of Board of Directors
  • Rafi Magen
    Rafi Magen CEO
  • Eyal Cohen
    Eyal Cohen VP Media
  • Adam Feldman
    Adam Feldman VP Business Development
  • Iska Hadad
    Iska Hadad CFO
  • Shoval Shavit Shapiro
    Shoval Shavit Shapiro VP Product
  • Amit Giorini
    Amit Giorini CRO
  • Enav Attia
    Enav Attia HR Director
  • Shani Gershi
    Shani Gershi VP Creative & Strategy
  • Yuval Sperling
    Yuval Sperling VP R&D
  • Amir Brandeis
    Amir Brandeis COO