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Kendago is a digital marketing powerhouse

that takes DTC brands to the next level.


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Spending 7 figures on advertising daily is no easy feat, now try doing it at a profit. Now grow that spend - monthly, quarterly, yearly...

These are the possibilities when you have the right digital marketing partner.

Figures in yearly revenues and still growing


In Daily Ad Spend at a Positive ROI


Ranked DTC Fitness Brand



Direct-to-consumer brands find it hard to be good at everything, especially all the time, but this is what it takes to succeed! What if you had the perfect partner, that can complement your every need, and get you to the highest level in everything?

With Kendago it can be done. And, without paying a thing for services. Benefit from dozens of data backed creative masters, leading PPC engineers and top marketing CRO experts, backed by our very own state-of-the-art ad-tech platform. The days of limited resources and mediocre team members to manage your digital marketing and campaigns are over.

Excellence on +

Advertising Networks

Hero Products Launched, 20X Increase in Revenues


Trusted Voice in Women's Wellness


Increase in Conversion Rates

To be the best is one thing. To stay the best is another. This is very true in the world of performance marketing.

At Kendago, we are are always striving for better results. This is part of our DNA and we leave no stone unturned in order to achieve it.

high quality expert spokespeople

marketing funnels for different audiences

predictive ad-tech system for better live optimizations


Ads Generated Monthly That Actually Convert


Brands Whitelisted
on All Advertising Networks

It might sound too good to be true, but after being in business for 17 years, we have never lost an ad account. Our team of compliance experts combined with our premium support from the Tier 1 advertising networks, ensure campaigns are always up and running 100% of the time.


No Startup Fees or Extra Costs

Partner with us and pay only for the performance you get.

Sit back, allow us to do what we do best, and watch your ROI grow!


    Performance PPC backed by ADvice, a proprietary platform that leads to the best and fastest optimizations in real-time. Premier partner of all Tier1 ad networks, including Meta, Google, SNAP, TikTok, cTV, X, and more.


    Our data-driven creative strategy and work process combines creative research, ideation, script writing, video editing and production, both in-house and also accompanying and refining client productions from afar.


    Kendago delivers customer value by using its proprietary A/B testing methodology, maximizing engagement and increasing LTV (Lifetime Value) amongst end users.


    Close relationships with large customer acquisition platforms secures hands-on support, credits and rebates, and other additional special benefits.

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