Kendago’s unique direct response formula, expertise in compliance, and an incredibly dedicated team was the stepping stone for our rapid growth into a global digital marketing group.

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Our clients are our partners. Together we improve and align funnels with multiple angles to incorporate the latest marketing wins from industry leaders we work with, as well as know-how from our internal experts. In addition, we use our AdTech systems to support them by identifying areas of low optimization and technical issues so that they immediately fix them and maintain maximum optimization.

Our team of campaign management engineers developed a structured, proven methodology for each network to deliver maximum campaign optimization level and ensure the best results. We also take advantage of cross-platform advertising using unified data from all networks to gain an additional edge. Working closely with our creative team, the PPC team is looking for ways to add angles and audiences, and to scale the campaigns sideways as well.

We take special pride in our creative studio, which consists of the finest art directors, graphic designers (including 3D), video editors, scriptwriters, producers, award-winning directors, and ad executives, with the capability to produce up to TV-level productions.

Our brilliant R&D team and data scientists developed our AdTech systems that swiftly identifies gaps in performance and corrects them, thus keeping the campaigns optimized, and more importantly stops them when required (prevents money loss and wrong data accumulation that damages the campaigns).

A major asset is our close relationships and cooperation with the tier 1 networks. Throughout 15 years of digital advertising, we have always been fully compliant and one of our top priorities is to work hand-in-hand with the platforms.  When on-boarding a new partner, we work with the networks to approve their marketing strategy and them on how to adjust their funnels.

We take pride in helping partners previously banned by advertising platforms to rebuild their marketing campaigns and get them re-approved on the networks.

As a global leader, we make huge investments to achieve maximum results and train: 

The brightest engineers to manage campaigns

Senior advertising experts to create ads​

Talented developers to build our adtech systems​

We nurture a culture of constant learning and knowledge originally codified in the Israeli Air Force. 

Our motto is to never settle!

Campaign Management

Creative Edge

Proprietary AdTech

Compliance Expertise